The Opportunity

Minimum Anticipated Earnings
Year 1: 72K, Year 2: 130K, Year 3: 215K

Prospectus Now Available.

The future of corporate credit management and debt recovery is secure with AccountAssyst and Direct Route. Both are ground-breaking, dynamic and enterprising companies expanding within an established £67.4 Billion marketplace.

Direct Route, the founders of Zero Cost Debt Recovery, have combined with AccountAssyst to provide a five-star business opportunity. Together they are the Licensor.

The Licensor offers a proven business-to-business credit management system. From many years experience we know what works. The Licensor provides full support and training and seeks to share their long-standing success with professional, driven and like-minded Licensees. When a Licensee makes money, the Licensor makes money too. The Licensor has every incentive to help the Licensee succeed.

As a Licensee your role is to represent the Licensor within your designated postcode area, visit business customers, owners and directors on a consultancy basis and offer to both existing and new customers our unique services, recommendations, software and credit management assistance. You are not expected to be in any way engaged in debt recovery activities, which is the sole responsibility of Head Office.

Why now? Most businesses that offer goods or services on credit, sooner or later have cashflow problems and in a fast-moving business world historically have used collection services that may have been hampered their relationships with existing customers. In recent times there has been a constant Governmental Directive to help challenged businesses with cashflow difficulties. Accordingly we offer a unique package, that is a Managing Director's / Finance Director's Dream, that provides both Prevention and Cure in the niche field of Professional Credit Management.

What is the potential of this offering?
  • Excellent Cashflow
  • Significant Residual Income Stream.
  • Built-in contractual option to sell Licence back to the Licensor.
  • Time + Investment = Valuable Asset

  • On Target Earnings
    Year 1: 72K, Year 2: 130K, Year 3: 215K

    A full breakdown and disclosure of all financial information will be provided at interview.

    What's in it for you?
    This is a unique business opportunity with historically proven methods for minimising business debt on behalf of supplier companies. It is an unrivalled UK opportunity with low overheads that a Licensee may operate in their available time. Additionally it provides the flexibility of being your own boss, working your own hours, locally.

    Support that we offer
  • All Head Office administration is provided by a team of senior management professionals with a combined experience of over 100 plus years in Credit Management.
  • 24/7 access to your income and introduced client case progress.
  • End of month reports generated.
  • User friendly and sought-after products.
  • Sub-Licence override income management.

  • Some of what's included
    Designated postcode territory including pre-existing income streams, full residential training, procedures manual, laptop, Business Cards, marketing literatures/guidance, funded support and a bespoke CRM System.

    What You Can Expect
  • B2B Environment.
  • 9-5 working hours.
  • To be your own boss.
  • Full Head Office support.

  • What skills will ideal candidates have?
  • Excellent organisation.
  • Competent IT ability.
  • Strong telephone manner.
  • Good face-to-face communication.
  • Professionally attired.
  • Capable and comfortable liaising with Finance Directors / Managing Directors / Senior Management and acting in a consultancy advisory capacity.

  • What this opportunity is not

    The Licensee is not involved with the day to day administration of debt collection. This work is undertaken at Head Office Collection Centre. We do not operate in a business to consumer environment, concentrating on business to business dealings only.

    Licensed Areas For Sale

    Each of our designated postcode areas have many thousands of businesses that require our services, often with pre-existing established clients meaning built-in residual income streams for you. We need you to approach our future clients. A full breakdown of remaining available postcode areas will be discussed at first interview stage. Full Licence Territories start at £5995 + VAT.

    Important Points

    • Recession-Proof-Business
    • A Brexit-Proof-Business
    • Earnings Generated From Day One
    • Comprehensive Training Plan
    • Significant Return For Modest Investment
    • Marketing Tools
    • Work Your Own Hours Locally
    • Flexible Hours

    Included When You Start

    • Expert Training and Guides
    • Bespoke CRM Systems
    • Procedures Manual
    • Efficient IT Systems
    • State of the Art Laptop
    • Pre-Existing Income Streams
    • Marketing Plan
    • Structured Training/Development Plan
    "The opportunity of a lifetime can only be taken within
    the lifetime of the opportunity."


    Your training will take place at the prestigious Broughton Hall, situated in the Gateway to the Yorkshire Dales. All training exercises are conducted in one the most welcoming, professional, palatial environments within the UK.

    Our key training aim is to enable the Licensee to be fully equipped with industry knowledge to allow them to generate income from the day they leave the course. Ongoing Head Office support and backup is readily available thereafter in order to assist continued development.

    All Licensor online systems are transparent and informative so that clients and Licensee's alike are able to view performance progress, historical data and incomes at the click of a button.

    A Special Message From Our MD

    Dear Future Colleague,

    I trust by now you will be starting to appreciate that this opportunity is a most exciting business package, designed to assist all industry sectors. Very few companies operating within a B2B environment have no debts and nearly every UK company has at least one requirement for AccountAssyst type services.

    Our Mission. Direct Route and AccountAssyst seek to build on their already established reputations for quality service and results. In turn we aim, with your help, to become the foremost credit management company in the UK.

    Your Opportunity Is Our Opportunity. Due to current market conditions, a jaw-dropping opportunity is presently available allowing Direct Route and AccountAssyst to maximise continued expansion alongside our chosen partners (both individual Licensees and Corporate Allies).

    Scope And Desire. The revenue possibilities are almost unlimited for all involved. Direct Route and AccountAssyst desire substantial incomes. We seek like-minded individuals to help us on our journey.

    Our Guarantee. Once quality introduced clients are established and using our services, then all work received will be handled professionally and efficiently, thus maximising returns. It is our focus on performance and swift results that generates client loyalty, repeat business, instantaneous revenue and to standards other industry players aspire to achieve.

    Having Confidence In Our Commitment To You. Quite simply, new client recruitment is the crucial platform for the future of your business and also our own. Where else realistically could a dedicated successful sales professional expect to get such a speedy return on investment and life-changing residual income? If you are the right person for us, then we are the right opportunity for you.

    We look forward to meeting with you.

    Kind Regards

    Michael S Collins
    Managing Director


    To progress to the next stage all perspective Licensees must attend an interview. A Confidentiality Agreement will be signed at first interview.

    There is no obligation upon either party at interview stage which will include full disclosure of systems and earnings potential. However as this is formal interview, please attach your CV/Resume using the button below to facilitate our HR requirements and complete all fields below.

    Contact will be made within 3 working days of form submission. Ordinarily first interview will take place within 7-10 days (subject to availability).

    *Validated Fields

    Image & Marketing

    We know the importance of our professional image. Correct branding and positioning is vitally important. Our Licensees will have the best equipment available, to inspire confidence, competency and professionalism when representing the Licensor's respective businesses.

    All Licensees are provided with customised Business Cards, marketing hardware/software, sales literatures, presentation binders and other promotional equipment (your business in a box). We provide all possible support for you to ensure that our brand is promoted in a positive light and we give you the tools to do just that!

    As a Licensee with exclusive territory rights you will also benefit from all of our existing relationships and future marketing campaigns.


    • Google Adwords National Campaigns
    • Monthly Newsletters
    • Website Search Engine Optimisation
    • Targeted Marketing Solutions
    • Advertorial & Advisory Articles


    • Customised Business Cards
    • High End Laptop
    • Embossed Presentation Binder
    • Branded Stationery
    • Exhibition Pack


    Full disclosure available at interview.OTE Year 1:72K, Year 2:130K, Year 3:215K
    The selection process is a first interview with potential training, subject to availability, taking place within one month for successful candidates. The company is currently looking to secure Licensees across all postcodes territories within England and Wales, which will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
    Yes, these are however highly attainable and will be discussed at interview
    All other questions will be handled at interview.

    Just what a handful of our clients say

    To progress this opportunity further please contact us on 020 8798 3014 or alternatively complete the form above. Thank you for your interest.